4 Common Scholarship Blunders You Must Avoid


A lot of scholarship programs are rolled out every year by well-wishers and government aid programs which students win after successful applications. The high cost of tuition fees can no longer ignored by needy students and they stand to suffer most without a college education. Rather than taking loans to finance their college education, Dike Ajiri recommends different scholarship programs that you can apply. The following mistakes can however limit your chances of being successful with your scholarship application.

Applying for all scholarships available

When you apply for all scholarship programs that you get, you only augment your applications however not the chance of being successful. If you are also too focused on too many college applications at the same time, you barely have time to deliver quality applications and only end up increasing your chances of not being chosen. Rather than jumping to every chance you get, assess your opportunities to only apply for scholarships that play to your strengths. Before applying on anything, ensure you match your interests to the scholarship specifications first.

Incomplete applications

Many people love to procrastinate their application to the last day only to do so in haste. You will reduce your chances of winning by submitting an incomplete scholarship application. Do not be the person who forgets to include some details in your application or failed to attach relevant documents needed. Start by assessing the instructions on the application form and have a checklist that you check after application just to make sure you have adhered to all the instructions given.

Not proofreading essay or application

In haste to get done with the application, a lot of people fail to proof read or go through their college applications. Sponsors therefore have a hard time deciphering the point that was to be made from the incorrect statements and grammar mistakes. You must take some time to check your application for scholarship since your future education depends on the same. In an intense competition, it becomes hard for one to be successful with their applications especially if the quality of their application is fully of errors and mistakes. To be even thorough, you can hire an expert to help go through and correct your work or better yet just use a friend or relative to help you prepare a correct scholarship application.

Substandard/ uninspiring writing

You should know that most students that are good in languages might not be as great in sciences and math. It can therefore not be in your capacity to create the right quality of essay when asked to draft one in the scholarship program you are applying for. Research intensively to write in the write topics that will help you stand out from the rest of applicants in the race to a quality scholarship. The topics you write about must also be relevant to the questions you are asked in the application otherwise you might just find yourself straying off topic.

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