Minority Scholarships: Who Are Eligible?

You would have heard the terms like merit scholarships and others that allow students who have the eligibility criteria to get admitted to specific colleges and courses. Sometimes, the fee will also get reduced if the student comes with a scholarship. The same type of scholarship offers, when offered to a student because of his presence in the minority category, will be termed as minority scholarship. If you live in a region where you feel like a stranger due to a lot of factors like your race, your native, your religion, or your characteristics, you are said to be in the minority group. There are chances for some institutions to avoid giving you an admission only because of your minority status. However, as time passed, many institutions have come against this negligence to minority students and insisted on the offering of special scholarships for such people. Even a student from an unknown minority group could become a successful businessman like Dike Ajiri with the help of such scholarships. Let us discuss who is eligible to get a minority scholarship in brief.

Groups of people falling into the minority category

Based on religion

Almost all countries are being split based on the religions of people. However, every country will have a dominant religion. If you take the US, most people will be Christians. So, if you are not a Christian, there are high chances for you to be a minority student because of your religion. Various institutions are allowing people from other religions to apply for scholarships under the minority category.

Based on ethnicity

You may be from a far land or land of a different ethnicity than the majority of the surrounding people. Let us assume that there is a white student and an Indian in the application process of a university in America. Without any doubt, the white student is the native person and the Indian is of another ethnic group. Such differences in ethnicity will also allow you to apply for some minority scholarships.

Sometimes for men and women

In some fields of education, you cannot see more women willing to study. In such cases, the universities will call more women by offering scholarships to improve the diversity within the institutions. The same goes true for men in the fields where the number of men is less. So, your gender could also be a reason to apply for scholarships.

Based on disabilities

Ordinary students are different from those who have disabilities. So, those who have disabilities of any form can name themselves as minorities. These people should look for scholarship offers available for a similar type of student. More concessions are available for people with disabilities. So, many students are coming forward to study regardless of their disabilities.

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